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download HTML plus images

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download HTML plus images

This code works fine:


ods _all_ close;
ods html path='/Somewhere' style=sasweb file='Test.html';

ods html text='<div align="center">
	Hello World.

/*Lots of SAS code*/

ods html close;
ods listing;

It creates Test.html plus the images on our server. Unfortunately our server is locked down (miss-configured?) so I cannot copy the html file plus pictures via SAS EG. I can use the Export option but that only exports the html to the local machine. Any idea of how to get the images via SAS EG?

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Re: download HTML plus images

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2 things you can try:

 1- Using  ods html path='/Somewhere' gpath='/Somewhere' (url='.')

      (check the exact syntax if this gives an error)

 2- Using the actximg driver.



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