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dbload problem

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dbload problem

Hi all,
I hope this is the right forum to post this kind of problem ...
I have an annoyance with DBLOAD. I guess I am forced to truncate all my column names in my Oracle table to 8 characters to match the variable names in my SAS table I want to import. As soon as I do that everything works as expected, however if I try to use the original variable names in my SAS table (that have been used to name the columns in the corresponding Oracle table) I get this error:
This DBLOAD compatibility procedure does not support loading of SAS data files with variable names longer than 8 characters. You must use the RENAME dataset option.

I can also see in the documentation that the SAS data set names and variable names can be up to 32 characters in length, however when using DBLOAD the names cannot exceed 8 characters in order to have compatibility with Version 6 naming conventions.

I guess I am more than willing to sacrifice this compatibility; please let me know how can I go around this 8 character limitation,

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Re: dbload problem

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Is there a particular reason for you to use DBLOAD?
The most obvious and common way to load Oracle from SAS would be using standard table populating techniques through an Oracle Libname. I.e. PROC APPEND, SQL INSERT INTO etc.

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