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data null to format date

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data null to format date


    CALL SYMPUT('date1',&prev_me);



  CALL SYMPUT('date1',&prev_me);

SYMBOLGEN:  Macro variable PREV_ME resolves to 201405

The &prev_me is part of an internal calendar that automactically formats the year previous month, in this case May.

Now I need to format this date in this format  month year  (may14)  or the text version of the month then the year.

This will allow me to use this to capture datasets based on their month and year (ie. link_may14_he

How can I adjust the data null to achieve this result.

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Re: data null to format date

call symput('date1', put(&prev_me, monyy5.));

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Re: data null to format date

Looks like you want to convert YYYYMM to MONYY.

%let prev_me = 201405 ;

%let date1 = %lowcase(%sysfunc(inputn(&prev_me.01,yymmdd8.),monyy5.)) ;

%put &=prev_me &=date1 ;

PREV_ME=201405 DATE1=may14

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