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create permanent sas library

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create permanent sas library

Hi friends,


Myself Sunil, started learning sas recently. I am trying to create permanent sas library in Windows 7.

Path: D:\Sunil_P

libname data_set v9 'D:\Sunil_P\'; But I am getting warning message "NOTE: Library DATA_SET does not exist."

Could you please help how to create permanent library. So that I can access dataset that stored in this library anytime.
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Re: create permanent sas library

What type of SAS installation are you using?

- SAS University Edition?

- SAS On Demand?

- Local with DMS?

- Local with Enterprise Guide?

- Remote (on a server) with Enterprise Guide or SAS Studio?


Also provide the relevant log from the execution of the libname statement.

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Re: create permanent sas library

Does the directory D:\Sunil_P exist?

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Re: create permanent sas library

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Like Chris_NewZealand asked, are you sure D:\Sunil_P\ is a physical location on your computer? 


One way to find the exact syntax of an existing location on your computer is to locate the folder/location you want to store your SAS data set(s) on your computer. Right click on a file that already exists in this folder. Then, click on "Properties." Copy the path that is listed after "Location:". Paste this path between the quotes of your libname statement, replacing "D:\Sunil_P\"


Hope that helps.

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