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connectivity issue

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connectivity issue

I was working with sas university edition and all of a sudden I have the following issue

 'The application could not log on to the server "localhost:8591". No server is available at that port on that machine. Connection refused'.

Pls help to fix this.


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Re: connectivity issue

Have you restarted your VM?


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Re: connectivity issue

 I updated the WM and had few issues but I restarted my computer and is now working.

Thanks for the input.



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Re: connectivity issue/Solved

I had the same problem and also use VM/AMD setup. I had just installed a fresh OVA copy yesterday so I was miffed by a new problem today.


The machine should try and connect to port 10080 and the message shows an attempt to connect to some other port and being refused. 


Somehow the machine is not initializing the port properly. I tried several browsers with same result, but a complete restart of the SAS VM is what is needed.  Once I did that it ran fine.  Hopefully it stays that way.

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