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change default when writing from SAS into Teradata

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change default when writing from SAS into Teradata

the default as given in the documentation is that SAS $n variables become Teradata datatype CHAR(n).

Is there any way to change the default to VARCHAR(n)


The most relevant usage example that I could find in the doc, is at

Because I do this fairly often and sometimes with many wide-ish columns, I would like a generalized approach (hence seeking to temporarily override the default)

It becomes tedious to package every time

1 locate the name and length of every $ column in the sas data to be uploaded to teradata (that is wider than say $8)

2 generate the required syntax for the DBTYPE= option into : macroVar (sql style solution)

3 implement results among the dataset options alongside FASTLOAD=YES

It looks even more work to package as a macro or macro function (and I really wouldn't recommend a macro function approach as it is the equivalent of a data step reading all of dictionary columns)

Overriding the default looks so straightforward and such a minor step for SAS/Access, that I expect it is already there and I just can't find it.

appreciate your interest and help


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