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capture columns from xml file

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capture columns from xml file

Hi All,

I found the forum today.

I want to import multiple files into SAS environement and I am not being successful trying all option.


Here the column names are not aligned and it is very difficult to retrieve the data. can you please help me how to proceed to capture data.


As the  xml file is not supporting, therefore I attach three sample within the excel file.

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Re: capture columns from xml file

Proper xml can usually be read directly as a set of tables with the xmlv2 LIBNAME engine. This is how I read an xml file describing polygons produced by Google Earth:


libname xm xmlv2 "&path.\Test.kml" 
    automap=replace xmlmap="&path.\";

proc sql;
create table pm as
    Po.Polygon_ORDINAL as segment, 
    LR.coordinates length=32000 
    xm.Placemark as Pl natural join 
    xm.Polygon as Po  natural join
    xm.outerBoundaryIs natural join
    xm.LinearRing as LR;

libname xm clear;
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