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call execute flooding log

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call execute flooding log

Hi all,

The way I've set up call execute it gets executed so many times that the log keeps asking me to clear it. Is there a way to get around this.

I've tried dm 'clear log;'; and options nolog; either of them dont work.

Any thoughts?
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Re: call execute flooding log

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Share you SAS-generated log that shows your offending code - of course, additional question: what is generating the output?

You can always set OPTIONS NONOTES but obviously there's a reason for the NOTE/WARNING/ERROR messages, correct? Suggest solving the problem, not treating the symptom.

Scott Barry
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Re: call execute flooding log

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run in batch mode
then there is no window to clear, just a log file with all your messages

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Re: call execute flooding log

Could you redirect your log to a file with proc printto? Examples at:
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