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calculate month from date

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calculate month from date

I've x=20090801 ( as $8 char)

I want to calculate y = month(x), so that y = 08.

But if i use it like this it gives me . (missing values).

Please sugest.
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Re: calculate month from date

Recommended SAS DOC reading on Dates and using INPUT function to convert from characters and using MONTH function. Google advanced search argument:

using sas date variables

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Re: calculate month from date

You have x as a character string for date with a yymmddn8. format.
The simplest method is to use a simple substring:
month = substr(x,5,2);
This create month as a string. If you want month as a numeric:
month = input(substr(x,5,2),2.);

If you want to use the month function you need to first convert the string to a SAS date.
date = input(x,yymmdd8.);
y = month(date);
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