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automating the execution?

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automating the execution?

Q: If you want to execute a piece of SAS code only on the first Friday of every month, how will you achieve it? Write a sample code (in SAS) for the same.
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Re: automating the execution?

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A: I suppose most schedulers has this functionality. But if you want to implement it using SAS, I suggest that you take a look at macro programming, together with the DAY and WEEKDAY functions.

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Re: automating the execution?

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Look at step #9 in this paper:

This shows a particular report being submitted when the month is 6, 7 or 8 using a SAS Macro program. Your code would need to find and define a different date interval (probably using SAS functions)....but the overall approach would be similar.

I do suggest that you make sure you understand the code in steps 1-8 before jumping into step 9.

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Re: automating the execution?

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Depending on your OS, there is likely an option for scheduling a "task" which would be to launch SAS and pass it your SYSIN which would contain the SAS program you want to execute.

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Suggested Google advanced search argument, this topic/post:

sas batch sysin
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Re: automating the execution?

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Question is if you want to execute a complete program on Friday or just a section of code in a program only on Friday.
For the first you need a scheduler in your operating system.
For the second I would suggest some macro code.

data date_parms;
call symputx('dow',dow);

Macro variable dow is the day of week. Friday is day 6. Within the macro program you would use the following code.

%if &dow=6 %then
code segment;
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Re: automating the execution?

Barheat - thanks for the day of week tip - I have been trying to use something like this but must have missed something along the way.

Pavan@SAS- We are running 9.2 on a remote server with XP, and this is how I get to the scheduler:

Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Scheduled Tasks

And in the run window I have the following all in one string:

-SYSIN D:\SASData\myarea\

Good luck!

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