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array and lead function

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array and lead function

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I try to use lead function to create many variables, so I do:


data reptrade.than1b;
           set reptrade.goc1;
array rett [10] rett1-rett10;
array eof [10];
do i=1 to dim(rett);
           if eof[i]= 0 then set reptrade.goc (firstobs= i+1 keep=ret rename=(ret=rett[i])) end=eof[i];
           else rett [i]=0;



but it doesn't work. the log file shows that the firstobs is wrong and lead[ is also wrong. anyone can help me?

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Re: array and lead function

Is this your intention?


Observations 1 through 61 contrihute to the first observation in the new data set.


Observations 2 through 62 contribute to the second observation in the new data set.


Follow the pattern, but zero-fill if you run out of observations.

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Re: array and lead function

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When you have errors it helps to show the code and error or other messages from the log.


"Doesn't work" is kind of a vague description of what happens. Is the data set not created? Errors? Unexpected or incomplete data?

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