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allocate a sas library from zip file

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allocate a sas library from zip file


Is it possible to allocate  a sas library - in sas 9.2 - from a zip file.


likes this :


Libname lib "c:/toto/" ; ?


is  it the avantage  or not ?


If I have a dirctory dir1 in, is it also to do  : libname lib1  "              /dir1" ?

Thank you




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Re: allocate a sas library from zip file

Plainly, no.

Standard libraries in UNIX need to be directories in the filesystem. To access file as if it was a directory, one would need a special engine; no such engine is present in SAS.

See SAS 9.4 Companion for UNIX Environments, LIBNAME statement


If you have a tool that lets you mount a .zip file into the UNIX filesystem (as if it was a physical disk or a network resource), you could use that (X statement) first and then define the libname. Don't know if such a tool exists.


Also keep in mind that writing to such a library would consume ample resources. I consider it better and much more performant to unpack the zipped contents, run SAS, and then re-zip the data.

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Re: allocate a sas library from zip file

Yes, I believe currently its only possible to create ZIP files from SAS, not read from them:


As I am sure your data will be stored in a some sort of versioned controlled, access restricted system however, so you would need to extract all the data in to that system first before accessing it from SAS.

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Re: allocate a sas library from zip file

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