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adding money in an array statement

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adding money in an array statement



I'm using SAS 9.4 full edition and am trying to add up money within an array. The variable MONEY below is coded as a numeric variable with format dollar15.2.  I think the if statement is the problem because I keep getting 0 as the answer. I don't know how to code that line which adds up all the amounts in the MONEY array for a given row.


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array MONEY [50] MONEY1-MONEY50;
do i= 1 to 50;
if MONEY [i]=' ' then TotalCost + ' ';

format TotalCost dollar15.2;
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Re: adding money in an array statement

This doesn't need a do loop.Instead you can:

array money {50} money1-money50;
totalcost=sum(of money{*});
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Re: adding money in an array statement

Some pointers:


1. Space is missing for character variables not numeric. Use the MISSING() function for both numeric and character variables interchangeably.

2. The SUM operator (+) assigns the results to missing if any of the values are missing.

3. The SUM() function will treat missing as 0 or non existent. 

4. The SUM() function can take a list of variables or an array reference. 


All of this can be found in the relevant documentation. 


data demo;
a=0; b=.;
x = a+b;
y = sum(a, b);

proc print data=demo;run;



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