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about logs

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about logs

i want to get the status of my servers (object spawner, share server, etc) which resides in unix and transferring them to a windows client.

code looks like this:

filename mylog "../my.log";
proc printto log=myfile;
x "../ObjectSpawner";
x "./ status";
proc download infile=mylog outfile="..\my.log";run;

this just returns to the log info about the execution of proc printto statement. what i want is to get also the message from the x command which prints the status of the server.

can this be attained? or i'm just dreaming haha!

thanks a lot!
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Re: about logs

to simplify...

is it possible to save results invoked using the x command to the sas log?

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Re: about logs

X statement just executes stuff. It's primary use is not get information into SAS.
Maybe you can try to use FILENAME PIPE for this?
Or save the output of your script to a separate file, which could download and/or append to the original log file.

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Re: about logs

yeah thanks! i just redirected the x command to a text file then download the file which is from unix going to windows.

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