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a where percent question

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a where percent question

this is not a concrete question.I got a piece of code:


proc rank data=sashelp.class out=class(where=(R_H<10)) percent;

         var height;

         ranks R_H;



and I want to make clear of how to use(or the full use of) "where","percent" keyword in it.However,I searched for "where","percent","rank" keyword respectively and got nothing to do with this situation..


someone knows this please tell me which keyword I should search on google?or kindly tell me the details of the usage of them concerned with this piece of code.thanks!




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Re: a where percent question

where= is just a dataset option, applied to the output dataset, similar to the where statement in a data step.

The documentation for the rank procedure is found here.

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Re: a where percent question

PERCENT tells proc rank what sort of ranks you want. R_H is defined as the name of the percent ranks. WHERE=(R_H<10) restricts the output to cases where the percent rank is < 10. 

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