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Windows 10 and Profile updates

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Windows 10 and Profile updates

I am running a new installation of SAS on a Windows 10 machine.  I receive the following message, which means I won't be able to make changes to my settings.  


ERROR: File SASUSER.PROFILE.CATALOG was created for a different operating system.


Any suggestions for a solution are appreciated!

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Re: Windows 10 and Profile updates

I am a tad concerned over how you have a "new installation" with a catalog created for "a different operating" system. If you tried copying an existing catalog from the old version in hopes of preserving settings then may have done yourself a disservice.


Generally base SAS if it does not find a SASUSER.Profile catalog will create one with default settings. So I would be tempted to rename the existing one. Shut down SAS. Restart. And see if you still have the problem when attempting to make changes.

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Re: Windows 10 and Profile updates

What SAS release and maintenance level are you running? You need to be using the latest SAS maintenance level SAS 9.4M4 to be compatible with the latest Win 10 updates.  

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