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Windows 10 SAS scrolling log and output window

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Windows 10 SAS scrolling log and output window

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I had no idea where to put this question, so I placed it here.


My work laptop recently got migrated to windows 10. When I use SAS 9.4, the touchpad scroll works fine in the editor window, but it doesn't work so good in the log or output windows. The mouse scroll works in all windows. For touchpad scrolling in the log and output window, I have to repeatedly stroke up or down on the touchpad (4 to 8 times) before the window scrolls. (again, mouse scrolling works fine and touchpad scrolling in the editor window is fine as well). I have taken a look at the preferences advanced tab and the options for the log and output windows and tried several settings, but nothing seems to work. Anyone know why this is?

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Re: scrolling log and output window

Sorry to hear of your predicament. MS seems unconcerned about breaking compatibility with W10 from what I keep reading. I am in no rush to be forced to use it. May I suggest you add W10 to your title to try and bring in the correct readership.


Maybe a W10 user will then be able to help.

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