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Why purchase SAS/ACCESS to ORACLE

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Why purchase SAS/ACCESS to ORACLE

We already have licenses for SAS/ACCESS to OLEDB and SAS/ACCESS to ODBC.
What are the benefits when we additionally purchase a SAS/ACCESS to ORACLE license ?

I tried to find extra functionality within the documentation but it's hard to find any specific differences.

One difference could be performance - access through OLEDB can be slower but will this be significant (in reading from and writing to the database)?
Are there other benefits when using the ACCESS to ORACLE license?
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Re: Why purchase SAS/ACCESS to ORACLE

You might find useful reference information on the SAS support website at, either using the website SEARCH facility or consider the Google advanced search argument below:

+"sas/access" +oracle +"ole db" +comparison

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Re: Why purchase SAS/ACCESS to ORACLE

Sounds a bit odd looking for a reasons for buying a product. It usually starts with some kind of need.
If you aren't clear on what the demands are, I suggest that you start off by using OLEDB/ODBC, and see how that works.

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Re: Why purchase SAS/ACCESS to ORACLE


I agree. It does sound odd.

We already purchased the Oracle license on top of the OLEDB and ODBC licenses (but our company's contracts representative, can't tell me the exact reason). I would have suggested exact the same if I would have been asked on beforehand.

With current financial circumstances we won't easily get the resources to buy an additional SAS license I would like.
But maybe if we can trade-in this Oracle license for another, I could build a case to get the other license. So I'm looking for possible drawbacks when using OLEDB instead of ACCESS to Oracle.

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Re: Why purchase SAS/ACCESS to ORACLE

I have to agree with Linus.

The Oracle Access module would give you a better performance and optimised access.
I also believe that SAS SQL code is better translated into ORACLE SLQ code. Also things like bulk loading might not be possible without the ORACLE Access module.

If you want to know more: I'm sure that SAS sales and pre-sales are more than happy to list all the advantages you would get with the Access for Oracle module ;-)

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Re: Why purchase SAS/ACCESS to ORACLE

One big advantage is the ability to utilize ORACLE hints. This paper is a good reference:
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