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What's included in SAS real time stats?

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What's included in SAS real time stats?

We recently moved our SAS server from Los Angeles (where we're based) to NY.  When running a SAS program that creates an SAS dataset, I assume that the real time includes the transmission time required to send the results back to LA and display locally.  Right?

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Re: What's included in SAS real time stats?

Not necessarily.  The real time just includes the time the SAS Server was working.  If the file system where the data results land are in LA and SAS is writing directly to it, then yes.  If the file system is in NY, then no.  Display is another issue, as that depends on whether you have a client-server environment and some other issue.

Unless you have a really high speed connection to NY, you should be able to do some rough comparisons with a stop watch and a large data set.

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