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What is a "SAS catdb"?

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What is a "SAS catdb"?

I've run into the existance of a SAS catdb on a unix (solaris) system and have no idea what it is. Searching SAS support, I'm not getting any hits on catdb.

Does anybody know?
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Re: What is a "SAS catdb"?

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Maybe they meant to say a SAS catalog which has a file extension of .cat7bdat. If so, you can check for the existance of a catalog in a number of ways

-1) function: cexist

-2) look at the dictionary table catalogs.
proc sql;
select *
from dictionary.catalogs;

-3) SAS Help Views

I hope this helps
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Re: What is a "SAS catdb"?

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I did find some info leading me to believe that it is a .net microsoft catalog. The system with the catdb is one running SAS Intrnet

Maybe the is really Microsoft stuff???
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