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What are temporary arrays?

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What are temporary arrays?

What is a temporary array and how does it differ from permanent arrays?



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Re: What are temporary arrays?

Reeza, you're supposed to use this "preview" period to answer questions, not ask them!


Are you asking about these within the scope of DS2? Here's a simple comparison.


Temporary Array Variable Array
set of temporary data elements set of references to variables in the PDV
created with a DECLARE statement created with a VARARRAY statement
may be declared in local or global scope must be declared in global scope
similar to arrays seen in other languages similar to arrays of pointers/references seen in other languages
in DATA step, created with ARRAY statement with _TEMPORARY_ argument in DATA step, created with ARRAY statement


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Re: What are temporary arrays?

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I was testing the ask a question interface. I ran into problems when posting but I don't recall what it was anymore 

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