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Warning during PROC APPEND

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Warning during PROC APPEND

Proc append base = amt3.separate1 DATA = amt3.Hyundai_Unique force;
Warning Message I received:
WARNING: Variable Latest_Launch has format DDMMYY10. on the BASE data set and format DATE7. on the DATA data set. DDMMYY10. used.
WARNING: Variable Manufacturer has different lengths on BASE and DATA files (BASE 13 DATA 8).
WARNING: Variable Model has different lengths on BASE and DATA files (BASE 17 DATA 8).
WARNING: Variable Manufacturer_Model has different lengths on BASE and DATA files (BASE 33 DATA 19).
Any Solutions?.
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Re: Warning during PROC APPEND

It is clear that lengths  and formats of both tables do not match. This will not cause any issue in your scenario.You can adjust the length and format of your data columns so that you do not warning. Or add nowarn to proc append statements, if you do not want to see warnings.

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Re: Warning during PROC APPEND

You have two types of warning.

- different formats - anyway you can change format according to your needs.
  the format is used just to define how to display the date content.


- as long as the BASE variable is longer then the DATA variable, you can be quiet.

  If BASE is shorter there is a risk of truncating the content and as much as I remeber

  you'll get an error.

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Re: Warning during PROC APPEND

In the interest of writing clean code, follow the code path (backwards) that created amt3.Hyundai_Unique and make sure that the variables in question have consistent attributes.

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