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WHERE statement in a MERGE statement

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WHERE statement in a MERGE statement

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Hey Guys,


I have a problem, I want to merge 2 sas tables with some WHERE restrictions.


My code is as follows


data merged;

merge table1 (in=a (...) where=(month=""))

           table2(in=b (...) where=(month between "201706" and "201806 or last_month between "201706 and "201806"  and not                 anyalpha(PERSONAL_ID)));

by personal_id;




Somehow, the code doesn't get the anyalpha statement and thus can't merge the two tables. I think more work needs to be done within the second WHERE statement but not sure how to solve the problem.


When I sort out the IDs with alpha characters in a data step before the merger, it works out. But not within the merge statement



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Re: WHERE statement in a MERGE statement

As posted, your second where= dataset option has a problem because of missing quotes.


Please post some example data (data steps with datalines) that illustrate your issue (unless solving the missing quotes problem also solves your issue).

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Re: WHERE statement in a MERGE statement

There are a few mistakes here:

1) missing quote from after 201806 in both instances

2) month (numeric) cannot be within a string

3) month (number 1-12) cannot be within a 2 year gap - which would need to know year.

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