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Using pc sas to send email

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Using pc sas to send email

Hi ,
I installed in my computer SAS 9.1 (A version of students).
Im new with sas....

now Im trying to send email with SAS.
As i read i I passed through :
C:\Program Files\SAS\SAS 9.1\nls\en to sasV9 and insert the folowing statments:

-EMAILPW= my password

I saved the changes and open sas code and wrote the folowing code:

filename mail email "";
data _null_;
file mail;
put "test";

I get this error:
ERROR: Unable to connect to SMTP server.
ERROR: connect call failed, system error is '10013 - WSAEACCES'.

What could be the reason?
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Re: Using pc sas to send email

Are your connection infos correct (i.e. port number)?
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Re: Using pc sas to send email

Hi Patrick Thanks for your reply .
Yes the connection infos correct , but im not using outlook express.

Do i have to use it ?

Merry Christmas !
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Re: Using pc sas to send email

You might want to try using Outlook express to confirm that the parameters are all correct. If it doesn't work, then there is something wrong with the parms. If it does work then the problem is on the sas side.

I know that's servers don't use that port number.

Tom Miller
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Re: Using pc sas to send email

You mentioned that you do not use Outlook Express. Do you currently use an SMTP mail client on your computer now (with success)? Or do you use a web-based EMAIL application? Possibly you are not authorized to access using SMTP?

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