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Using SAS Enterprise Miner

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Using SAS Enterprise Miner

Hi Everyone

I am getting into a role where I will need to use couple of data mining procedures like Discriminant analysis / decision trees etc. I have prior experience in BASE SAS/ Macros/Sql. primarily worked in BASE SAS/EG.

I think I need to switch to SAS E-Miner for the role requirements. Can you please guide me the path to work

I would need to work on basic datasteps/procedures for data handling/cleaning etc for which I did use SAS Base

I would need data mining tools like sas e-miner.

Will I need only E-miner as all the basic sas language sas datasetps/procedures are part of sas e-miner.


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Re: Using SAS Enterprise Miner

Have you read

SAS Enterprise Miner

SAS Enterprise Miner is a client/server based architecture.

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