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User Interface in SAS

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User Interface in SAS

Interesting post on stackoverlow. I can't post on stackoverflow so here it is with my answer.


I want to build an user interface on SAS for logistic regression in which we provide the data - or upload the data with the variables and the dependent variable and it gives an output which gives us the Regression table and a few other desire metrices.

What should be the most efficient way of doing this? Does SAS have such a provision of doing it?


No need to upload the data to the server?


%MACRO YESNO/DES="Simple Yes/No interative window" ;                                                                                     
  %window CHOOSE color=white irow=4 rows=25                                                                                             
     #4 @12 "DO YOU WANT A REPORT ON THE CLASS DATSET?"                                                                                 
     #5 @12  choice 1 attr=underline  @14 "(YN)"                                                                                        
    %DISPLAY CHOOSE;                                                                                                                    
    %IF &CHOICE=Y %THEN %DO;                                                                                                            
      proc print data=sashelp.class;                                                                                                    
%MEND YESNO;                                                                                                                            
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Re: User Interface in SAS

Please note this solution will only work on PCs using the SAS Windowing System aka Display Manager. It won't work in any other SAS interface like SAS EG (prompts could be used here instead) and SAS Studio.

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Re: User Interface in SAS

Instead of building your own I'd recommend SAS EG or SAS Studio.


SAS Studio also allows you to build custom tasks so that's probably the route I'd recommend these days. It's a powerful option/feature. Since SAS UE is based on SAS Studio it's also easily available to learn to anyone.



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Re: User Interface in SAS


If you want build a customize UI for SAS, You need IOM (intelligent platform),that is another framework. So you can write it by Java or C# .

I don't know if SAS Viya can do it .

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Re: User Interface in SAS

Hi Team


I am a novice at sophisticated UIs.


  I like to think in terms of a local UI and and a remote web based UI. Some very simple single user UIs can built when you have full SAS on the local machine, using 'html', pmenu, %window and window. I have even built colorfull large buttons, sort of like a poor mans dashboard using the simple windowing functions in full local SAS.  The local UI tends to be more powerful because it can leverage the server resources via SAS connect (PuTty SSH), the reverse is more difficult.


For Web based server work  I like to use SAS 'html' and open source javascript libraries like 'overlib' along with SAS intranet and other interesting specialized open source libraries like the MIT dygraph package. SAS proc stream is also interesting.

SAS intranet(CGI)  just because it is easy and predates others.


You can even do all your web development using apache products like xamp with localhost. Port to the server later.


With so much volatility, I fear spending my time on a loser,  .NET,  SAS stored processes, Rshiny, Django, NODE.js, C#, SOAP,  Python, JAVA+Javascript, SAS metadata this and metadata that, IOM(which seems to MS)


What will the winning combination look like?

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