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Uploading Data on Oracle Server

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Uploading Data on Oracle Server

I am hoping that you help me this issue:

I a trying to create a table on Oracle server (Oracle 10 G) using proc sql:
All I am doing is - Bringing data from Oracle Server A and passing it to Oracle server B (please see the code):

Proc sql;

create table crmrs133.sales as

select subscriber_seq, address_seq,campaign_number, selling_group_code
from m_owner.Sales_work_order
where datepart(report_date) between '01mar2009'd AND '31mar2009'd ;

CRMRS133 : Oracle server where table sales is being created hosted on Unix box A.
M_owner is another Oracle server on Unix Box B.

Error I get is :

NOTE: SAS variable labels, formats, and lengths are not written to DBMS tables.
ERROR: ORACLE execute error: ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column.
WARNING: File deletion failed for CRMRS133.SALES.DATA.

How can i resolve this issue.
This code was run on PC SAS (not Unix SAS).
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Re: Uploading Data on Oracle Server

After checking SAS notes, I found these two:

They bot implies that you have wrong Oracle module linked from SAS. Check your versions numbers. If they seem to the correct ones, contact SAS tech support. Otherwise - upgrade...

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