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Upload to FTP Using SAS Code

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Upload to FTP Using SAS Code

I'm generating data in SAS that I need to upload to an FTP site.  I am currently exporting the data into csv files and manually transferring them to the FTP site.  I keep searching for sample code to upload, but all I can seem to find are examples of reading data from an FTP site to use in SAS.  I want to do the opposite.  So, I have 2 question:  1) Is it possible to export a SAS dataset into a csv file and upload it to an FTP site simultaneously, and 2) would DCREATE() work with this process to create a new folder on an FTP server?

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Re: Upload to FTP Using SAS Code

I found a lot of examples for sending files using FTP in the manual pages.  SAS(R) 9.3 Statements: Reference

As to making a directory look at the NEW option.  Or perhaps you could see if the FTP server on the target machine has a SITE command that will make a directory.  Look at the RCMD option in the on-line manual page linked above.

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Re: Upload to FTP Using SAS Code


FILENAME ftpout FTP 'path_on_the_server' HOST='hostname' USER='username' PASS='password';


SET dataset;

FILE ftpout dlm=';';

PUT variable_list;


To create a line with the column names, use a

IF _N_ = 1 THEN DO; PUT "variable1;variable2;...."; END;


To create a remote folder dynamically, you may need to experiment with the RCMD option of FILENAME FTP. DLCREATE() works only on the local file system (and anything that is mounted there).

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Re: Upload to FTP Using SAS Code

So here is an example.

%let user=xxxx;

%let pass=yyyy ;

%let host=zzzz;

filename outdir ftp 'new_dir' dir new host="&host" user="&user" pass="&pass" ;

data _null_;

  set sashelp.class ;

  file outdir('class.csv') dsd ;

  put (_all_) (Smiley Happy ;


filename outdir clear ;

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