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Upload a file to REST API

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Upload a file to REST API

Hi, I need to deliver below functionalities in SAS by making calls to the REST API.


1. Upload a file- It will require 4  inputs which are, PROJECT-ID, DATA-LOCATION, local file path of the dataset along with the authentication token.

The ProjectID and Data-location is to identify exactly where the file will get upload on the API and it serves as the target location.




2. To check if user have permission on this folder(identified by the PROJECT-ID): It will have 3 inputs-username,list of users, authentication token. This is a GET request which looks something like this in JAVA-

HttpGet request = new HttpGet(MLMPService.getInstance().buildURI("/user/" + username + "/permission/item/" + this.getID(), ticket).build());


3. To check whether the file has been successfully upload. This again will be a GET request on the API.


Please help me to get this implemented in SAS.

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Re: Upload a file to REST API

Sounds like you need PROC HTTP, that's fairly similar to what you may be familiar with in Java/etc.
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