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Unknown error for KNOWNFOLDERID FOLDERID_Documents

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Unknown error for KNOWNFOLDERID FOLDERID_Documents

I get an error in the event viewer which contains "Unknown error for KNOWNFOLDERID FOLDERID_Documents" when I try to run my batch script which calls SAS in the Windows Task Scheduler. When I try to run it outside I don't get any problems.


Other info:

  • The SAS script uses systask to run another batch script which calls a python script
  • When I try to run that batch script calling a python script, it works properly


Anyone who have a similar problem like this? Greatly appreciate any assistance.

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Re: Unknown error for KNOWNFOLDERID FOLDERID_Documents

Which user executes the scheduled sas program? Has the user a home-folder in C:\Users?


SAS uses the known folders to assign the sasuser library

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Re: Unknown error for KNOWNFOLDERID FOLDERID_Documents

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Yes, confirming the user has a home folder under C:\Users, also has Log on as a batch job permissions.



I actually have an initial post with a similar issue on the FolderID_Documents which I had to remove in my custom sas config file because the Windows Task Scheduler fails due to this.


After doing some investigation, it seems like the one which is causing the problem is when I initialize the saspy module in my python script. It seems it cannot open up a workspace or it's also calling the default sasv9.cfg file which actually has a declaration of the FolderID_Documents. Apparently, I don't see any options in the saspy module to select a specific sas config file.

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