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Trouble Finding A SAS job

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Trouble Finding A SAS job


I am having a hard time finding a SAS Role ,does anyone have any advice i could use. I have studied BASE SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/SQL and SAS/MAcros, I have the Base SAS certification and preparing for the Advanced. my background is SQL, MYSQL and Oracle.  

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Re: Trouble Finding A SAS job

IMO the problem at this point isn't certification. It's either work experience or lack thereof, lack of opportunities in your geographic area, or a bad resume.  Look for mentorship opportunities in your area that can help deal with these issues. They may say more certification will help, but certification is a nice to have, not mandatory when hiring. I can train people to code. It's harder to train someone to write clearly, ask clear questions, communicate well and/or have interpersonal skills.  

Hope this is helpful. 


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Re: Trouble Finding A SAS job

Congrats on your certification!


What a better place to hone your skills, prove yourself, and build your confidence than this Forum. Challenge yourself and help others by answering real-life questions posted here.


Best of luck!


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