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Trailer record

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Trailer record


I need to create several txt files with a header record, detail records, and trailer record with a record count. I'm using data _null_ within a macro. I have
if _n_ = 1 then put @1 'header info'

set temp end = eof;
count + 1;
put @1 ....;

if eof then put
@1 'trailer record'
@20 count;

My problem is one of the several datasets is empty and therefore there is no eof so it isn't putting a trailer record.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help
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Re: Trailer record

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You will need to add NOBS=OBSCOUNT (or like code) to your SET statement, and then (one approach) add IF/THEN DO/END logic *BEFORE* the SET statement to generate a HEADER/TRAILER or whatever needed when you have OBSCOUNT=0 for your input file.

Scott Barry
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Re: Trailer record

Thanks Scott for the quick response. I've got all of the files created successfully now
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