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Testing two proportions for equality over time

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Testing two proportions for equality over time

Hello, so I am working with the Health and Retirement study dataset and I am trying to compare the proportion of males from the 2006 wave to the 2008 wave. These variables are gender06 and gender08 (male or female). I have not been able to figure out how to test whether or not the proportion of males are the same in both waves. I tried a chisq but since most observations have either gender06 or gender 08, this is not feasible as shown here: (I am also running into the same problem with race06 and race08, which has 3 different options)

proc freq data=ya;
	tables gender06 gender08 gender06*gender08 /chisq;
	tables race06 race08 race06*race08 /chisq;


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Re: Testing two proportions for equality over time

I suggest that you go back into your processing and instead of naming variables by year to have an additional variable in the data to indicate year.


Then the chi-square with year*gender would make a lot more sense.

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