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Temp Tab

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Temp Tab

I have read several posts n temp tables however let me explain my situation


proc sql;

connect to sqlsvr (&medblogin);


(select * from connection to sqlsvr

( select *

 from T_LN

where cat_id in (2,3,5)

 option (maxdop 4)



disconnect from sqlsvr;



This is a passthrough query that initially results in close to 900K records

I use the table later in a proc report and attempting to create and place contents into a temp table in effort to get the proc report to process faster.  I created a dataset however it does not speed up processing in the proc report.  Is a temp table the answer and can I get an example

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Re: Temp Tab

Do i understand you correctly that your current situation is that you created a 900K observation SAS data set, and your PROC REPORT on that data is too slow?
Rum your report using OPTIONS FULLSTIMER; to attempt to understand where your bottleneck is.
Even if 900K doesnt sound huge, you might want try to limit the data further if possible.
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Re: Temp Tab

You're using * in your SELECT statement. How many variables are you using in your report compared to whats in the data set? What happens if you limit the number of variables?

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