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Tables won't open in Viewtable

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Tables won't open in Viewtable

I am using SAS 9.4 and have been for years. Recently when I double click a sas table in the explorer it opens a new Viewtable tab but there is no window with it. It is as if the table is unable to load. Once this happens SAS will not close properly.


I have tried resetting and powering down everything several times. The problem never goes away. Any thoughts?

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Re: Tables won't open in Viewtable

Try this.

Make SAS Explorer the active window, click on Tools>Options>Explorer. Go the Members tab. Click on the Table Icon to select and then the Edit button.

What does the option next to &Open look like? Highlight &Open and then click edit and you will be able to copy and paste the result here.

For my install I have this:

VIEWTABLE %8b."%s".DATA openmode=edit

which  says to open using Viewtable, set the mode so that I can edit (mostly sort) the table

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