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System Options


this will give numbers upto 2 decimal places or 1?

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Re: System Options

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First, MAXDEC is not System option. System options are instructions that affect your SAS session. You can check them here: SAS System Options


MAXDEC is one of PROC MEANS statment options. You can find detials about it in PROC MEANS documentaions here


And let suppose you went through the doc and you did not understand, Why do not you run this option in simple SAS code and test it by yourself.

For example run the following steps and change the value of maxdec and know by yourself:

data cake;
   input LastName $ 1-12 Age 13-14 PresentScore 16-17 
         TasteScore 19-20 Flavor $ 23-32 Layers 34 ;
Orlando     27 93 80  Vanilla    1
Ramey       32 84 72  Rum        2
Goldston    46 68 75  Vanilla    1

proc means data=cake n mean max min range std fw=8 maxdec=2;
   var PresentScore TasteScore;

You are welcome to ask anytime, but do more effort to find the answer by yourself or at least in writing your question.


All the best!!!

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