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Summary Macro from the Mayo Clinic

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Summary Macro from the Mayo Clinic

Hi! I think this macro is extremely useful! It produces summary statistics (mean/median/min/max/counts) and p-values between two groups of a class variable.

My question for anyone who has used it is the following:

What if there is a subgroup analysis someone wants to do? I see this is awesome for getting descriptive statistics including p-values for a class variable with varying levels. How about if I want one main class variable (like Case and Control) and subgroups (like Old/Young)? Does this macro support this type of analysis?

Thank you so very much!

The macro can be found:
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Re: Summary Macro from the Mayo Clinic

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Not directly. The documentation specifies that you can only have a single class variable.

You can do it by creating a new class variable that concatenates the group and subgroup.

You may also be able to do it with two calls to the macro, using something like
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