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Strange error message

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Strange error message

Hello all,

I am facing an issue here which I cannot find a reason for - I am assuming parallel access, but I am not sure.

I am connecting to an external system to receive a data set and very rarely the system terminates with the error as stated below.

Do you have any idea what this might be?


proc copy in=datain out=libMem memtype=data;
select Z1AAB.Z1KTU;

NOTE: Copying datain.Z1KTU to Z1AAB.Z1KTU (memtype=DATA).
NOTE: BUFSIZE is not cloned when copying across different engines. System Option for BUFSIZE was used.
NOTE: There were 51597 observations read from the data set datain.Z1KTU.
_0000030 // What would that be???
ERROR: File datain.Z1KTU.DATA has not been saved because copy could not be completed.
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Re: Strange error message

Somethings wrong with your syntax.

Assuming you are trying to copy DATAIN.Z1KTU to LIBMEM.Z1KTU.

Try this:
proc copy in=datain out=libMem memtype=data;
select Z1KTU;
Loose the Z1AAB libname ref.
Source libname goes at IN= and destination at OUT=

Are you copying data across systems?

Cheers from Portugal.

Daniel Santos @
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Re: Strange error message

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Additional SAS code (pasted from the SAS log) is needed, as well, you would benefit from providing SAS version and OS information (to include whether SAS is running locally or on a remote server). Most importantly, paste all related SAS code from your log to start.

Scott Barry
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