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Starting a LASR Server in VA using a program.

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Starting a LASR Server in VA using a program.

Hello All,

I am trying to write a program in SAS Ent. Guide (EG) to start our LASR server so that i can schedule it to run each morning. I have the program written and it works when run in EG but only when i select the SASAppVA  as the selected server. (we have 2 servers (SASApp and SASAppVA).

When i run it using the SASAppVA as the selected server, it runs and starts the LASR server. However if i save and schedule the program to run i get the following error in the log.-ERROR: You cannot combine the STARTSERVER or SERVEROPTS= syntax with the specification of a host other than the local machine.

I am thinking this is because the program automatically runs on the SASApp server wher it is saved.

I have read numerous old posts about this but cannot find anything recent.

My question is:

Is there a command line I can add to my program so that it executes the program on the SASAppVA server.

My current code is:


startserver host="" port=10035



Also is there any way of checking if the relevent port is is in use prior to the startserver command in the program.

This way, if the server is already up then the code can exit rather than continue.


Thanks All,



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Re: Starting a LASR Server in VA using a program.

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Why do you need to restart your LASR server each day? What is happening to stop it in the first place?


IMO it would be best practice for any stopping and starting of VA services including LASR servers to be handled by server-based scripts and scheduling, not from scheduling on a PC from EG.


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