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Spliting data into 2 randomly

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Spliting data into 2 randomly

I have a dataset where I have to build a credit score model for bad customers. It is a logistic regression model. I want to build the model and thereafter test it. Can anybody tell me the sas code to split the data.

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Re: Spliting data into 2 randomly

If you just want a 50/50 split then you could use something like:


data build validate;
  set sashelp.prdsale;
  if uniform(0) le .5 then output build;
  else output validate;

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Re: Spliting data into 2 randomly

PROC SURVEYSELECT is typically used to generate random samples. If you want to do bootstrapping or any type of cross validation, I highly recommend the paper by David Cassell, Don't be loopy.

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