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Specifying column width in Proc Sql

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Specifying column width in Proc Sql

Hello Everyone,


I am trying to do proc sql to sum up a variable which has big numbers. The output rounds up the number. For example if my number is 618155640, the output shows as 6.1816E8. I need the exact number not the round up number in the output. What should I do. 


proc sql;
select sales,
sum(total) as overalltotal
from table
group by sales;

The output sums up the total variable by sales and gives the output as below:


sales     overalltotal

Canada  6.1816E8

Europe   7.1888E8

Asia        1.6888E8





I need the exact number. What should I do. Please guide me.


Thank you in advance

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Re: Specifying column width in Proc Sql

Usually SQL is not used for end user reports. But use the format= column option in the select statement.

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Re: Specifying column width in Proc Sql

Use a format long enough to hold the largest value. Currently I suspect your format for the variable is best8.


sum(total) as overalltotal format=best16.

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