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Specifying an end of record delimiter

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Specifying an end of record delimiter

I have an ASCII text file where the data is delimited by one character and the records are delimited by another. When I try to read the file, I just get one very long record. How can I tell SAS that the "~" is the end of the record, and to start reading a new record with the next character? Records are variable length.
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Re: Specifying an end of record delimiter

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None that I'm aware of - so you will need to consider byte/character level INPUT parsing your input to load a DATALINE variable (of sufficient length) while looking for your artificial using @ pointer technique, logical record-segment delimiter. Then you have a couple of choices, such as re-write the file to a temporary location, and then use another set of INPUT statement logic to read the file, otherwise you can use the INPUT function to work your way through the logical data sub-fields.

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