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Simple Question


I'm a newbie to SAS and have a quick question that is stumping me. I'm not sure if this post belongs here but, simply, I would like to read in a number of sas data files and print the first few observations in each file. The code I am trying is :

LIBNAME MyLib 'C:\Documents and Settings\Paul\data';

PROC PRINT DATA = MyLib.Stocks_1 (obs=20);
TITLE 'stocks 1';

PROC PRINT DATA = MyLib.Stocks_1 (obs=20);
TITLE 'stocks 2';

But that only prints MyLib.Stocks_1 ?

I've used matlab for years so this is a bit weird so far ... thanks
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Re: Simple Question

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you neglected to change the dataset name in the second PROC PRINT.
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Re: Simple Question

ahhh - obviously.

Thanks a lot. Actually, what also confused me was that SAS prints individual
results in individual sections, like a table of contents on the left. I'm used to outputs
being printed one under the other.

Thanks for the help
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