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Short Keys Definition in UNIX

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Short Keys Definition in UNIX


I'm running SAS on UNIX environment. I was looking to a key definition to submit only the clipboard and not the whole program editor.

Looking to the documentation:

it seems that there is available only the submit command that run the complete code contained in the program editor window.

Do there is the same short command/key just for submit clipboard?

Many thanks

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Re: Short Keys Definition in UNIX

Take a look at: Akh blog: SAS: Submit clipboard key

and, you can always assign hotkeys to submit such code

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Re: Short Keys Definition in UNIX

Not sure how you have your SAS session configured, but I have found that F3 (which I have mapped to END)  will submit the selected text in the program editor window.  If no text is selected then it submits the whole program.  You can mark text using the MARK command (which I have mapped to ctrl-F).  So I move to the start of the fragment I want, hit ctrl-F, move to the end (it highlights as I move) and then hit F3.

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