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Session History

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Session History

Hi All

I am using the following software: sas base/access 9.4



I am trying to access the session history , specifically trying to see the log files from yesterday . Is there a path/folder where this informationis stored. 




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Re: Session History

If you started a new session the logs are typically erased unless you've set it up otherwise in your installation.

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Re: Session History

Unless you have code in the programs to redirect log output or write copies then almost certainly there are no logs from previous sessions.


If you were running batch jobs there might be logs in folder that was considered active by SAS when the program was executed.

If you had used the File Save dialog from the Log window I would think you would know where the log was saved or if you used a FILe command from the command box.


Proc Printo can be used to direct a copy of log output to a specified file. The file name would be in the code or an associated FILENAME statement.


The option ALTLOG, which would be in the either the configuration file or on the command line can direct log output.


If none of these were done then I suspect that your logs are unrecoverable.

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