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Server usage at the directory level

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Server usage at the directory level

I am trying to find out server utilization at a directory level. Total space is 100 GB. It is allocated to two levels equally and the rest of the sub-directories share the allocated space based on the usage. I got the directories usage how much space is used. But when I sum it up at the last level it won't add up to 100GB because for some directories, users haven't created sub-folders. So I need to go back and add it to know how much is used.


Input file is attached. Raw data is residing from column A to Column C and the output which i am looking for is available from column F- Column H.


It will be great if some one assit me.

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Re: Server usage at the directory level

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Hello @SMohanReddy,


this question seems to be more OS related than SAS related.

Anyway, I would recommend to use some good OS tools. For windows you can use TreeSize ( ) and for UNIX environments, "du" will be your tool

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