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Sending graph to mail body with attachment

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Sending graph to mail body with attachment

Hi All,


I want to send mail which have HTML body figures and at the same time it want to send this summary as a excel attachment. As far as i did the research i am only able to do this task in either ways that means at a time i can send attachment or send body  figures in email.My requirement is to do both task in one shot

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Re: Sending graph to mail body with attachment

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In The Many Faces of HTML@Chevell_sas covers some e-mail techniques for SAS output and included images.  I've included his example code, but read the post for all of the explanation.


  filename mymail email to=""
                       subject="Forecast Report"
                       attach=('C:\SAS.png' inlined="logo")
   ods msoffice2k file=mymail rs=none style=htmlblue options(pagebreak="no");
     title j=l '<img src="cid:logo" width="120" height="100" />';
     title2 "Report for Company XYZ";
   proc odstext;
      H3 "Confidential!";
   proc print data=sashelp.prdsale;
   ods msoffice2k close;
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