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Send email to Distribution list via SAS

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Send email to Distribution list via SAS

I need to send email  via to a distribution list that was created on Outlook. Is this possible in SAS?

I am not asking about sending emails to a group of users that  I can macrotize the email ids.  I want to use the "distribution list" name in the "TO = .." .


TO = ("Distribution List Test")



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Re: Send email to Distribution list via SAS

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If this is an Exchange-based distribution list, there is often an e-mail alias associated with the group.  Check the Outlook properties for the group alias.




If it's just an e-mail contact list from your personal address book, then I think the answer is No -- you can get SAS to send e-mail directly to that, especially when using SMTP.  You would have to export the list and read that into a SAS macro/variable to build the dist list for use in SAS.

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