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Segmentation Violation In Task

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Segmentation Violation In Task


While processing a 113GB external EBCDIC flat file in SAS 9.1.3 version, below error message is found in log file.

Segmentation Violation In Task [ DATASTEP ]
Fault Occurred at [/platform/sun4u-us3/lib/sparcv9/]

Task Traceback



SAS is able to read only 18 records from the file. SAS couldnt read any record from 19th. The input file is a variable length file.

Is it a memory problem?

Any help is well appreciated
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Re: Segmentation Violation In Task

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If you enter this string (part of the error message):
Segmentation Violation In Task [ DATASTEP ]

into the search box at the upper right-hand side of the forum page (where there is a white box, the "Search" menu and an orange Search button), you will find many hits on this particular error message. Without looking at the data and seeing your code, it would be a game of 20 questions to even make a guess at what the issue is. And, in addition, it is hard to offer constructive help without understanding the full particulars of the operating system on which you're running (You say you're running SAS 9.1.3 -- but WHERE -- on Windows, on Unix (what flavor of Unix), on Linux, or on the mainframe??)

Your best resource for help with this kind of error would be to open a track with Tech Support. They can look at your data, at your entire program and at your log to determine whether any of the Tech Support notes is relevant to your issue.

To open a track with Tech Support, fill out the form at this link:

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