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Script template for creating charts from CSV files

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Script template for creating charts from CSV files

Hi guys

I am new to JMP Pro and to its scripting language, as well as to those SAS forums.

If you think that I post my question in the wrong place - let me know and please excuse me,

My goal is to create a script that will:

open CSV file

create variability chart based on table from this file

save the result as JRP file

Now some details.

CSV file might be huge in row number. This file starts with line of column names. Lets assume that the complete path to this file is "PathToCSV".

I have a script that creates variability chart that I need. Lets assume that the text of this script is "ChartScript".

As a result I want to get a .JRP file that will contain both data from CSV file and chart, lets assume that the path to desired JRP file is "DesiredReportPath".

I know that column names in my script that creates chart are correct and those columns are present indeed in CSV file.

More details:

Actually I am writing some C# application that automates the process of test log parsing. It does a lot of (irrelevant for JMP) things.

We have some environment that creates a lot of csv files with know schemes.

We have some specialists that know to open those files in JMP Pro and to create the charts that they need.

So those people can give me precise scripts for those charts. They have different charts for different schemes of CSV.

I am merging those csv with same schemes in my app, and then I want to use JMP interop to run the script that I want to construct.

I will run the different script for each merged CSV file. So I need to create a template for the script.

Question: What would be the script to do what I want?

I assume that it has the following construction:

X1 PathToCSV X2 ChartScript X3 DesiredReportPath

Where X1 opens CSV file and creates some data table,

X2 opens new tab(?) for chart and creates it

X3 saves all work to desired path



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Re: Script template for creating charts from CSV files


  The SAS Macro is the wrong place for a JMP Scripting question. The JMP Community Forum has moved to here Welcome | JMP User and that would be a better place for you to post your question.


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